From bathing to cooking and cleaning, we rely heavily on the proper functioning of our hot water system every day. Did you know that an average person uses some degree of warm or hot water up to 20 times a day? And when you multiply that usage per family member, it’s hard to imagine living without a working hot water system!

Seeing whether your hot water system is going to stand the pressure of time or whether it’s time to get an upgrade can be difficult.

5 Signs You Need to Look Out for In Your Hot Water System

We run through 6 clear signs that homeowners like yourself can look out for which can signify an impending hot water system breakdown.

1. When the Water Isn’t Hot Enough

One of the initial signs you might notice is your showers turning cold halfway or failing to heat up at all. Though, this may not be the most reliable indication for you to replace your entire hot water system, it could simply be a faulty thermostat or a damaged heating element in the structure.

While you could fix the problem by resetting your thermostat, a broken heating element may require a professional’s help. If nothing but cold water is coming from your sink and faucets, then a plumber may be needed to step in to repair the necessary parts and you’ll have heating functions restored within hours.

2. When You Spot A Leak

Leaking hot water systems are not only costly but they can do damage to your walls, flooring, or cabinetry. Unknown or unrepaired leaks can cause mould to grow and potentially cause health problems.

Commonly, hot water leaks come from the outlet or inlet connections, at the pressure relief valve, or from the tank itself. There is no DIY repair for a leaking tank and using the system with a leak significantly increases the risk of flooding or failure of the entire system. This is when you should definitely call a professional to come take a look at your system.

3. When You Hear A Strange Noise from The Water Tank

Hot water systems generally make sounds as the water is heated, but strange noises such as banging, hissing, or popping are not normal and should be looked over by a professional. Hissing noises can sometimes be a result of a faulty belief valve, and the build-up of sediment can also be the cause of noisy hot water systems. Constant, loud noises might indicate a fault or leak with time. So, it might be worth having your hot water system checked out.

4. When You Notice Discoloured Hot Water

Rusty coloured water from your taps suggests corrosion and rust inside the storage tank. This can occur if there is rust inside your system’s pipes or tank, or even a build-up of sediment in the tank.

If this problem persists, ask your local plumber to determine the source of water discolouration.

5. When Your System Has Given You Problems Already

Generally speaking, people only change their hot water systems when issues start showing, such as the problems listed above, but an older system will be running at a lower efficiency as internal parts start to deteriorate.

If your system has had over 15 years in action, it will eventually fail to provide reliable hot water that your household needs. If this is the case, or you’ve already had your fair share of problems with the system, then it might be time for a hot water system replacement.

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