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Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy, results driven blocked drain plumber Sydney for your residential home or commercial property? Do you have a blocked sink in your kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps there is an usual smell lurking from your toilet and shower. You’ve landed on the right page.

Our blocked drain plumber in Sydney, services all areas including the North Shore, Northern beaches, Hills District, Inner West & Eastern Suburbs is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re looking to solve an on-going problem that’s driving you mad or facing an emergency in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re on stand-by.

Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain

It is common that you want to check first if the signs you are seeing and experiencing, match that of a blocked drain. Some of these warning signs include:


You may hear unusual gurgling sounds coming from your piping system. Places you may experience these sounds would be the kitchen sink, shower drain, toilet, or bathroom sink. If you are concerned this is the cause of a blocked drain, call a professional plumber to resolve your issue.


A bad odour can come from your pipes when food or debris builds up in your pipes. As it is unable to drain efficiently, this will cause the food or waste product to break down on the surface level, resulting in an incredibly foul smell. This can happen in your kitchen sink or toilet.

Water flow

You will notice your water will not flow through the drainage hole properly, water may build up in the sink which is a sign of a blocked drain.


You may go outside and see the overflow relief gully at capacity or overflowing. The overflow relief gully (or ORG) is designed to direct sewerage overflow away from your home. So, if this is working actively, you may have a blocked drain. They are usually 10-15cm in diameter and made of plastic or metal.

No water

If you use your shower or bath and notice no water is coming through it can be a sign that water may be blocked in one of your pipes in our home.

Toilet flush

A clear sign of blocked drains in poor toilet flushing. If your toilet is flushing unusually this can be a sign your drainage system is blocked.

How We Can Help

We service any type of residential and commercial blocked drains with the most up to date equipment and techniques available within the market. We are highly skilled professionals that know how to get around tricky situations and remove your blocked drain in an efficient manner. Plumbers To U have tackled mass tree roots and collapses, which are the leading causes in prolonging a blocked drain job.

Water Jetter

We use a state-of-the-art high pressure water jetter to blast through the blockage in your drains and sewers. This is can be coupled with a CCTV camera to fast track the process. If you have a build-up of food, waste and dirt, it will be no match against our premium water jetters.

CCTV Camera

A camera is valuable to evaluate the extent of the plumbing issue. Our plumbers will be able to detect the cause of the blockage more efficiently as well as being able to outline any other plumbing issues that you may have inside stormwater or sewer systems.

Drainage Repairs

Any repairs needed within sewer or storm-water systems. There may be cracking in the pipes as a result from the blockages. We examine the damage and carry out a solution. If only a small area is considered damaged, then we can replace the portion of the pipe. Any worse, we can complete a pipe renewal.


All new drainage lines within your property whether it is in the same area or plans have changed.

Backflow Prevention

Testing, servicing and installations, preventing the undesirable contamination due to backflow.

Grease Trap Installations

To intercept most greases and solids before they enter the wastewater disposal system

Why Choose Plumbers To U for Your Commercial Plumbing?

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We have a long running list of clienteles, not because of luck but because of our quality work and exceptional customer service. If you would like to see more of what our customers say, see our five star Google rating here.

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Plumbers To U are proud to have traditional values – never breaking our promises and arriving exactly on time. We believe courtesy is one of the most important tools we carry when it comes to our plumbing.

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We do not have hidden fees or unexpected costings. We listen to your concerns and communicate honestly.

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Offering quality, genuine plumbing services is about fixing the problem for good. Too often we hear quick fixes beginning to undo themselves in a matter of weeks. Our trustworthy plumbers are highly skilled and capable of taking on the ‘unfixable’ jobs that other plumbers pass on.

✅ Professional and experienced

Confident in answering all your questions and responsive with your queries, Plumbers To U are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to our trade. We not only solve the problem, but we go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service.

we're ready to help with your emergency 24/7

At Plumbers To U, we know that an issue with your plumbing system can occur at any time of day. Life’s problems tend to come at us when we least expect and that’s where our emergency plumbing service in Sydney comes in handy.