What could be more annoying than a leaking shower? The constant dripping and worrying over how much water you’re unintentionally using – learning how to fix a leaking shower is a handy skill. Finding the source of a shower leak is important, is it a blocked shower head? Or is the leakage being caused by aged grout and sealants? We break down the different ways to find the source of the leakage and list the simple steps you can take to fix your leaking shower.

Ways to Fix a Leaking Shower Head

Firstly, you should check for the source of leak, is the water dripping from the actual shower head or is water coming out unevenly? Most commonly, the leaks appear due to worn inner seals or parts that have become rusted or blocked over time.

If you are having trouble diagnosing the root cause of the issue then it is always best to call your local professional plumber to avoid the headache and further damage.


Ways to Fix a Leaking Shower Cubicle

Other times you may find yourself with a leaking shower cubicle, where water is seeping out of the physical area where you stand to shower. This may be caused by bad tiling or waterproofing – one way to fix this could be to coat the tile with a sealer or to repair the grout or silicone joints.

The thing to keep in mind is that the real waterproofing should be in fact underneath your bathroom tiles in the form of a membrane. If the waterproofing membrane was not fitted professionally or gets a hole, the leak may become worse and spell disaster for your home, this is when you may need the help of a professional.

And if all else fails, Plumbers To U are here 24/7 to help you find out the cause of your bothersome shower leak.

Why Should You Fix a Leaking Shower?

Water wastage
Did you know that Australians consume up to 340 litres of water per person on a daily basis? While we are all becoming more “water aware”, we should play our part in minimising water wastage as a household in a dry country.

Avoid higher bills
Not only is a leaking shower wasting precious water resources, but you will also be charged for water that you have not even used!

Potential Stains
In the worst-case scenario, a leaking shower can even stain your shower interior causing damage to your bathroom. Taking swift action is beneficial for your bathroom in the long run.

How to Prevent A Leaking Shower

Here are some quick tips to prevent a leaking shower in the future:

Why You Should Let a Professional Fix your Leaking Shower

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