If you are seeing the unfortunate signs of a blocked drain and are cringing at the thought of how much clearing a blocked drain could cost, read this blog to clear your mind of all the potential questions you have surrounding your blocked drain.

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

You may have noticed some unusual sounds and occurrences lurking from within your bathroom and kitchen. However, you may not be convinced that it is a blocked drain until you see the sure signs. We have listed professional advice on noticing the signs of a blocked drain.

Gurgling: The first sign is sound of gurgling. You may hear this in your basin, shower, toilet and kitchen sink. This is usually where sounds will begin to arise.
Smell: Have you noticed an unpleasant smell randomly occurring? This may be a factor of a blocked drain.
Overflow: You may go outside and see the overflow relief gully at capacity or overflowing. The overflow relief gully (or ORG) is designed to direct sewerage overflow away from your home. So, if this is working actively, you may have a blocked drain. They are usually 10-15cm in diameter and made of plastic or metal.
Too much pressure: You may find that something has blown off with the pressure of the blocked pipes. Therefore, it leaves you with unwanted sewerage spewing all over the ground.

The cost of clearing a blocked drain

Like most industries, you will find the price varies between each individual plumber and company. However, a rough estimate for clearing a blocked drain is as follows:

The first hour with a water jetter on its own is $350, plus GST. However, with a camera, it will be $500, plus GST. A camera is valuable to evaluate the extent of the plumbing issue. He or she will be able to detect the cause of the blockage more efficiently as well as being able to outline any other plumbing issues that you may have inside your pipes.

Following the first hour, per half hour is $100, plus GST. This includes both the use of the jetty and the camera.

What would make a job take longer?

There are some factors that may influence the cost and length of the plumbing job. For example, mass tree roots and collapses can prolong the job. These obstacles can make it difficult for the plumber. Wet wipes and facial cloths are also a factor. Sometimes when these have been used and flushed down the toilet, it may have gotten caught on broken pipes and stuck in tree roots. These materials are really fibrous. Therefore, they don’t break up like toilet paper.

Interestingly, these types of jobs were quite prevalent during COVID, particularly when there had been a toilet paper shortage. People were substituting wet wipes for toilet paper and therefore, there was an increase in blocked drains.

The final takeaway: Do not flush wet wipes and facial cloths down the drain unless you want to cause a severe blockage.

A plumber you can count on

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