This is unfortunately a common household problem, and such lingering, unbearable smells call for a quick but effective fix. Discover what really causes smelly drains, and before calling a plumber, see 5 simple methods we have come up with to clean a smelly drain.

Why Does My Drain Smell?

Here are the top causes of smelly drains:

4 Easy Methods To Clean a Smelly Drain

1. Clear The Build-up

Remove any trapped hair or other materials from the drain that can catch soap or grease, causing build up and bad smells.

Use a flexible drain stick that can reach into the drain to get rid of any trapped materials. Then, flush the drain with hot water and see if that removes the odour.

HANDY TIP! Use a sink waste basket or shower hair catcher and regularly empty them to prevent future build ups.

2. Vinegar and Hot Water

Vinegar is a great natural odour eliminator. Before starting, ensure you remove any visible build up, so you have the best chances of fixing your smelly drain.

Now, flush hot water down the drain. Slowly pour one cup of vinegar down the drain and leave the sink unused for at least half an hour. Flush the vinegar away using hot water.

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Try pouring some baking soda down the drain and allow it sit for a while, then pour vinegar into the drain – watch out as it will naturally bubble and fizz! Finally, rinse it away with hot water.

HANDY TIP! Use the baking soda, vinegar, and hot water mixture once a month to prevent smelly drains in the long run.

4. Drain Cleaner Product

A drain cleaner gel or liquid may help dissipate the drain clog, prevent it from occurring again, and eliminate smelly drains and odours.

Help! I’m Still Stuck with a Smelly Drain!

Every so often a smelly drain can’t be fixed with a DIY remedy. If you suspect your drain is almost or completely blocked, read our blog on how much it costs to clear a blocked drain.

If you can’t clean your smelly drain with the suggested tips or you see other unusual plumbing actions such as bubbling sounds, get in touch with a trusted plumber.

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