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Does your kitchen or bathroom drain smell unpleasant or downright bad? This is unfortunately a common household problem, and such lingering, unbearable smells call for a quick but effective fix. Discover what really causes smelly drains, and before calling a plumber, see 5 simple methods we have come up with to clean a smelly drain.


From bathing to cooking and cleaning, we rely heavily on the proper functioning of our hot water system every day. Did you know that an average person uses some degree of warm or hot water up to 20 times a day? And when you multiply that usage per family member, it's hard to imagine living without a working hot water system!


What could be more annoying than a leaking shower? The constant dripping and worrying over how much water you’re unintentionally using – learning how to fix a leaking shower is a handy skill. Finding the source of a shower leak is important, is it a blocked shower head? Or is the leakage being caused by aged grout and sealants? We break down the different ways to find the source of the leakage and list the simple steps you can take to fix your leaking shower.


If you are seeing the unfortunate signs of a blocked drain and are cringing at the thought of how much clearing a blocked drain could cost, read this blog to clear your mind of all the potential questions you have surrounding your blocked drain. What are the signs of a blocked drain? You may have...


The chill in the air and falling leaves means that Winter is just around the corner. Is your home ready for the chilly months? Or is your indoor heating system not quite cutting the mustard anymore? Plumbers To U can turn your home into a cosy haven it should be right through Winter. Our professional...


Homeowners in the Northern Beaches of Sydney are often in need of a qualified gas fitter – and Plumbers To U are here to help! We are experts in gas fitting services such as: Gas hot water systems Gas ovens & cooktops Gas leak repair Replacing regulators LPG conversions Compliance certificates Your new gas fitting appliances...


Is your toilet constantly flushing or you hear a constant drip… drip… drip… coming from the toilet? As well as the annoying sound of water constantly running in the toilet, you are also wasting water. It sounds like you need to replace the toilet valve. You can either do this yourself or call in an...


How often do you do the gardening, mow the lawns or work on the car in the backyard and get your hands dirty and grimy? Or your kids play outside and get all grubby? What about your outdoor barbeques where you want to rinse a utensil or grab some water to add to your cooking?...


Hey… we’re excited to let you know that Plumbers To U have joined Facebook! Our Facebook page will keep you up-to-date on our news and happenings, so we’d love you to ‘like’ our page. Just click on the link below and you’ll be instantly directed to our page: Plumbers To U on Facebook Our page...


So your shower is leaking? The tap dripping water? It sounds like it’s time to change the washers on the shower taps. In the following video, plumber Darryl shows you the easy way to change the tap washer to fix your leaking shower and stop the dripping tap. So now you know how easy it...